What you can expect from OmegAurora Management Group Inc. is an honest process built on open communication and thorough industry knowledge that dramatically simplifies the construction process. They are to be partnered and relied on from concept to completion, the lasting relationships they have with clients is built on integrity and mutual respect.

Jason Davies

About Us & Services

OmegAurora Management Group Inc. pursues a broad variety of projects, including the construction and renovation of industrial spaces, commercial offices, retail space, sports facilities, healthcare and educational institutions, and public assembly areas.

The Company provides a broad range of pre-construction and post-construction services, including scheduling, estimating, budgeting, bid packaging, status reporting, as well as certificates of occupancy, warranty programs, moving services, and as-built documentation.

– We take pride in the fact that we can and do visit our suppliers on a regular basis to ensure that you are receiving the best value for your dollar.

– To provide meticulous field supervision coupled with quality control during all phases of construction

– Our field personnel are kept informed in matters concerning updated construction schedules and other issues regarding active projects. Open communication and teamwork between management and field personnel plays a significant role in our success.